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Anari Sim Viewer - Made by Anari AI

Anari AI is building the AI hardware industry from scratch by delivering a new way of designing and using AI chips. It pioneers reconfigurable AI for customers to personalize their infrastructure in just one click; it also enables chip designers to rapidly create and deploy their solutions. Anari’s ThorX is the first chip on the Anari platform that delivers 100x more efficient computing than GPU on 3D/Graph data structures. The team is global, made up of researchers, machine learning experts, software engineers and most of the members are PhDs. Advisory team has a strong background in CERN, Berkley, UCLA and NVIDIA.

Anari Simulator Viewer (Short Sim Viewer) is used for preview of simulation results from PyGears with goal of understanding your architecture better, making debugging easier and finally making development faster than ever.

Currently we support preview of PyGears simulation results, this means simulation of you design should be done locally and afterwards results of that simulation should be imported in Sim Viewer.

Anari Sim Viewer is completely FREE TO USE, to start with it check following:

Short presentation about Anari Sim Viewer

Anari Sim Viewer Presentation

Video Tutorial about Anari Sim Viewer

Anari Sim Viewer Video Tutorial