Implements a simple read-only lookup table for arbitrary function on floating point numbers.

funclut(x: Fixpnumber, *, f, precision=len(x), dtype=None) → dtype

Creates a lookup table for a function f that given an input x in a fixed point format, outputs f(x) also in a fixed point format. The output format can be set either via the precision parameter or the dtype parameter. If dtype parameter is set, than it is used verbatim as the output type, otherwise the precision parameter determines the width of the output type in the number of bits.

drv(t=Fixp[3, 16], seq=[-pi / 6, pi / 6, pi / 4, pi / 2]) \
    | funclut(f=sin) \
    | check(ref=[sin(-pi / 6), sin(pi / 6), sin(pi / 4), sin(pi / 2)],
            cmp=lambda x, y: abs(x - y) <= 2)